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Reliquary of Souls dies! 0

Reliquary of Souls dies!

Lightning killed the Reliquary of Souls on Tuesday on the first nights attempt on this boss. Its a complex fight, but a lot of fun and the reliquary is a very strange looking boss!...

Bear on Bear action! 0

Bear on Bear action!

Last night, for the first time, Lightning took the 4th boss in Zul Aman before he executed his prisoner! An awesome bear mount was the reward! Awesome job guys – time to farm a...

Teron Gorefiend Oneshotted! 0

Teron Gorefiend Oneshotted!

Lightning returned to Teron last night with renewed vigor after our previous few 5% wipes last week. I’m pleased to say that Teron was one shotted last night. We then went on to pay...