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Triple trouble 0

Triple trouble

3 Kara raids this week and Prince died 3 times …. Well done everyone on such a successful week for the guild.

Corpse Camped! 0

Corpse Camped!

Gruul: I see what you mean Maulgar, those LIGHTING guys are a bit of a danger. We should all res together and organise our cave defence better Maulgar: Sure Gruul – res timer is...

Gruul is dead! 0

Gruul is dead!

At long last, Lightning put down this hideous monstrosity. An awesome raid group took the guy down after many attempts on previous nights. The raid continued on to explore SSC – which was a...

More Karazhan success for Lightning 0

More Karazhan success for Lightning

Last week the weekend team got its first Prince kill – congratulations to all. This week the weekday team cleared all bosses except Netherspite and Nightbane in a single night. A followon raid cleared...