Lightning Kilrogg

2 kills, 1 night … one superb raid group!

Thank you to everyone in the raid group for some excellent raiding this week, but especially last night. Kor’kron Dark Shaman … First kill 22/10/2013 General Nazgrim … First kill 22/10/2013 Within 2 hours,...

Lightning Kilrogg

Galakras is grounded permanently!

… for this reset anyway… Awesome going on the Galakras kill. It went so well, we ended up killing it within a few attempts the following night (reset… ok so it didn’t stay grounded...

Lightning Kilrogg

SoO is going down!

So as you can tell by my post dates, these are behind the times and happened a while ago. But currently we have progressed to 4/14 normal mode kills with some good attempts on...