What’s going on here?

  • WoWScrnShot_030515_004759
    Hovercat in disguise.
  • WoWScrnShot_030315_234738
    Yet another flawless kill thanks to Encydia Hawkrave and Meinwen! Keep it up guys!
  • WoWScrnShot_022815_234555
    Classic Selfie. Can you guess where it was shoot?
  • WoWScrnShot_121314_002444
    Looking huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
  • WoWScrnShot_111214_234730
    Free disconnections portal. Click it to get d/c'ed!
  • WoWScrnShot_111414_210007
    Kilrogg is WHAT!?

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