Category: Raid Progress

Siege of Orgrimmar

13/14 = many a’ kill recently.

So from 11 weeks of raiding we have kill 13 bosses … this is great going! Very proud of my guild and guildmates. To summarise a bit: Malkorok – killed 04/11/2013 With Spoils following...

Lightning Kilrogg

2 kills, 1 night … one superb raid group!

Thank you to everyone in the raid group for some excellent raiding this week, but especially last night. Kor’kron Dark Shaman … First kill 22/10/2013 General Nazgrim … First kill 22/10/2013 Within 2 hours,...

Lightning Kilrogg

Galakras is grounded permanently!

… for this reset anyway… Awesome going on the Galakras kill. It went so well, we ended up killing it within a few attempts the following night (reset… ok so it didn’t stay grounded...